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Argan Oil as a Supplement

Like olive oil, culinary argan oil is a heart healthy choice for unsaturated fatty acid. It contains two times as much of the vitamin E antioxidant as is in olive oil.

Consuming Argan Oil for Health

Research shows that unsaturated fats such as argan oil are also beneficial for other inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and asthma and for cognitive function and behavior. Some research indicates argan oil has anti-cancer properties as well.


Because of the potential health benefits of argan some now take a daily dose of argan oil in capsule form, as a supplement. Culinary oil can also be purchased in a bottle to be consumed as a liquid. Be certain to purchase only culinary or cooking argan for this purpose.

Cooking with argan oil

Instead of consuming argan as a supplement, you might enjoy including it as part of your diet, using it in recipes that would usually call for olive oil. You can find more information about cooking with argan oil on our cooking with argan oil page.

As a precaution, since culinary argan has a more prominent flavor than olive oil, you should try substituting the olive oil a little at a time to your taste level. And do not heat argan oil to a high temperature. High temperatures change the structure of this monounsaturated fat.


Culinary argan has a pleasant nutty flavor enhanced by the roasting of the seeds prior to extracting the oil from them. Many describe it as a Mediterranean flavor.


One downside to using culinary argan as your unsaturated fatty acid/antioxidant of choice is the cost. The time consuming and limited production of the oil makes it an expensive item to purchase in some countries, but you may find it to be worth the expense.